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4 Interesting Types of Vinyl Flooring in Coulsdon

Vinyl flooring is one of the famous and in-demand floorings in Coulsdon, which customers prefer for domestic and commercial purposes. They’re affordable, durable, stylish, easy to maintain, and easy to clean. Although vinyl flooring has been around for years now, however, the concept of using luxury vinyl tiles is a comparatively new one.

Since you’ve decided that Vinyl is suitable for your home and office, it’s better to look at the different available vinyl options.

What are The Different Types of Vinyl?

1. Luxurious Vinyl Tiles LVT, as shortly termed, is a newly found variant and is a popular choice for all stylish interiors. Are you looking for traditional and classic wooden flooring but at an affordable rate? Then LVT is your answer. Same finish, same design, and classy look – everything is guaranteed in this type of tiles. It’s also warmer on barefoot. Hence you can easily opt for this option instead of settling for wood as the maintenance cost for these tiles are also less.

2. Vinyl sheets These vinyl variants come in a single sheet of around 6 to 12 feet wide. If you’re looking for a water-resistant variant for kitchen and bathroom floors, then sheets are the preferable one. Unlike the LVT, this variant looks like hardwood or stone-like flooring. Floorings done with vinyl sheets are highly durable, and you can be assured of their durability for the coming 10 years.

3. Vinyl tiles If you’re looking for some designs for your room’s floor, then vinyl tiles are the ideal option. These tiles come in square shapes. Hence, they look pretty and decorative, along with the interiors of the house. The style of the tiles is somewhat similar to that of the ceramic tiles used on walls. Hence you might see many people using tiles for their bathroom floors.

4. Vinyl plank These are excellent economical options for flooring. Although the planks are not commonly used, however, they are pretty durable and waterproof. If you’re low on budget and are looking for hardwood-style flooring for your commercial space, you can opt for this variant.

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