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How to Restore the Original Glow of Laminate Flooring?

Laminate floors lend an aesthetically pleasing look to the overall décor of the room. Moreover, the wood-like finish adds a traditional touch to the same. Laminate flooring in Surrey is thus a popular and on-demand option for both commercial and domestic clients. Even the flooring contractors opines that it’s very easy to install and is a no-mess flooring option.

Hence, getting a laminate floor installed in either your house or your office can leave you stress-free for the next 10 to 20 years. However, sometimes the original glow of the floor tends to fade away with the extent of usage and time. Especially in commercial properties, continuous footfall throughout the day takes away the vibrant finish of laminate floors.

However, you can follow these tricks and retain the original beauty of these floors.

Wet Mopping

The most convenient and recommended way to clean and make the laminate floor shine is to use wet mopping every day. Use a soft microfibre cloth, dip it into the water and clean the floors with the same. Even if there are stains or spills, this is an effective way to get rid of the same. However, make sure that the mop is damp and not watery. Excess water damages the laminate. Hence soak the mop in water and take the excess water before you start the cleaning process.

Vacuum Cleaners

Another convenient and proven method is the use of vacuum cleaners. This can be done before the mopping. With the help of vacuum cleaners, pull away from the loose dirt and dust from the floors. Then use the mop to rub the same and make it shine. However, if you keep mopping without vacuuming the dust, then you’ll be in trouble. After mopping, the dust will settle down, making the floor look dull.

Daily Sweeping

You can also use a soft-bristled broom to sweep the laminate floors now and then significantly. Although once daily is sufficient for the domestic premises, but for the commercial premises, this should be done once every hour. Huge footfalls make the floor dirty, and sometimes hard dust particles may cause scratches on the floor. Thus, using a soft bristle broom will help you get rid of the same without damaging the floor.

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