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Signs You Need A New Wood Flooring in Surrey

Though you don’t have to worry about the performance of a new wooden floor, its quality can deteriorate over time and replacing it becomes necessary. Get in touch with a flooring company offering their services at a price that suits your budget. New wood flooring can enhance the beauty and value of your property. It is also easy to clean, robust, durable and makes the indoor air quality healthier. A few warning signs indicate that you should replace the existing flooring in your property.

4 Signs You Should Install A New Wood Flooring

1. Huge Gaps Between Floorboards

We often neglect the vast gaps between two hardwood planks as they stay hidden below the carpets. These gaps occur due to the quality of the wood used. Some of them expand during summer and shrink during winters. So, the boards loose and develop huge gaps. You can avoid the issue by installing laminate floors instead of floorboards.

2. Squeaky Noise From Boards

Did you recently hear squeaky noise from boards in the middle of the night? Don’t worry. It is the sound of the wooden planks adjusting to the humidity of temperature change. Loose boards can also bounce and creak while you are walking on the floor, and you might hear squeaky noises. The noise will be more significant if the gaps between the floorboards are big.

3. Presence Of Fungus Or Mould

Take a closer look at the wooden flooring, and you might notice the presence of mould, fungus or mildew. They are generally seen in the corners of the floor. Generally, water causes the development of such organisms. You might have to deal with a mould or fungus infestation if the level of humidity on the floor rises. Get in touch with a flooring company and replace the contaminated planks with new ones.

4. Stains And Discoloration

A few stains and a bit of discolouration on the wooden floor are normal. Numerous dark and light stains indicate that the visual appeal of the wood has deteriorated. Stains generally happen when water falls on the floor and evaporates. If you expose the floor to direct sunlight for a longer period of time, discolouration becomes visible. Such being the situation, you have to replace your flooring in Surrey.

Since you are now aware of the various signs indicating that you should install new wood flooring, get in touch with the experts at The Natural Flooring Company.