Are you planning to change the flooring of your stairs? Stairs are the riskiest place in the entire house. Hence, you must be very careful while choosing the flooring option for the stairs. Before starting a renovation project for the stairs, keep a few essential points in mind. You must stay within your budget before you select the right kind of flooring option.

What kind of flooring material should you use? This question lingers in every individual who is planning to change the floors of the stairs. Approach a professional carpet shop in Epsom and let the experts guide you through the process. Read on to know more about the best flooring options available for stairs of both domestic and commercial spaces.

3 Types of Flooring Options For Carpets

1. Hardwood Flooring
Hardwood floors are the best options to teach elegance and beauty into your home interiors. Hardwood is a very good option for the staircase floors because it significantly impacts the overall look of the home decor. They are durable and easy to clean. Since it is impossible to clean the stairs all the time hence, using hardwood floors can help you in the long run. The only drawback is that this type of flooring can get wet and slippery. Take precautions like using slip-resistant slippers to prevent any damage.

2. Carpet Flooring
Carpet flooring is the safest option available for flooring the stairs. They are slip-resistant, soft and dense. Moreover, if you experience heavy foot traffic, then a carpet is the easiest option that can be maintained successfully. They are available in different patterns and colours and are ideal for the stairs if you’ve older people and kids at your place.

3. Vinyl Flooring
Vinyl floors are affordable and versatile flooring options. If you buy vinyl floors from professionals, you will get a stone-like finish for the same. It is nearly impossible to differentiate a vinyl floor from real hardwood floor options. They are stain-resistant and made of waterproof material. Hence, even if water spills on the same, your stairs will not be damaged in all probabilities.

Make sure you check the grip of the flooring options while selecting the same. As stairs are a dangerous place, the probability of falling will be high. Gripping flooring options are a necessary option. Hire experts from Natural Flooring Company and get the best flooring options for the stairs. We have a wide range of flooring options, including carpet, vinyl and hardwood floors.