A carpet flooring option has always been a favourite choice for homemakers. The chic, cosy, and plush carpet lying beneath the foot feels nice and adds grandeur to the home decor. While wooden flooring has long been the most opted flooring option, carpets have become one of the biggest competitors nowadays. They’re stylish, and there’s no denying the fact that when you add a carpeted floor to your house, people will start envying you!

Moreover, with perfect carpet flooring, you can add more colours to your home. Visit your nearest carpet shop in Banstead and get a carpet matching to your home interiors. The Natural Flooring Company is one such place where you’ll definitely find a wide collection of carpet flooring options. Some are timelessly elegant, while others are trending over time.

What are Some of The Common Trending Carpet Flooring Options?

1. Sustainable and eco-friendly carpets
Sustainable carpets have been in demand lately as buyers have become conscious. These carpets are generally made of eco-focused fabrics. Hence your child and pet are completely safe on these types of carpet flooring options. Moreover, they are suitable for places where drastic climate changes take place. You can move around barefoot on these carpet flooring options without any health damage.

2. Naturally-made carpets
Being close to nature is always a desirable option. Hence, the carpets which are naturally made are always high on demand. They’re generally handcrafted and are rarest to be found. You’ll get options of woollen, sisal and jute carpet floors with the most popular flooring companies. They are non-vibrant and add an earthy tone to the home decor.

3. Bold and bright carpets
If you love colours, then the bold and bright coloured carpet flooring options are your thing. Many homeowners prefer buying bold and contrasting coloured carpets, especially for the living room. It creates a sense of positivity in the whole room. You can pair up a bright carpet with any furniture pieces present in your room.

4. Patterned carpets
Patterned carpet styles are not for everyone. They’re generally for the ones who are brave enough to get a completely different and unique look to the home interiors. You can mix the sofa and cushion covers with the patterned carpet floors. The designs range from geometric shapes, florals to stripes. If you want to go one step ahead, you can also try out the animal prints. They look ravishing and set a new tone to the house.