Rugs and carpets can provide texture, pattern and colour to any space. Area carpets, which are used to cover a large part of the room, are portable enough and easy to maintain compared to the wall-to-wall carpeting options. But where can you put the smaller carpets in the home? Where do they work best?

In this blog, you will learn about the three major spots to place the carpets in Epsom homes and how they impact the home interiors.

The Major Spots in Your Home That Requires Carpet Placement

1. The Entryway or the Foyer: The entryway or the foyer is perfect for placing running rugs or carpets. Placing a carpet in the entryway gives the guests a sense of welcome when they enter your home. These rugs also protect the flooring in this high foot-traffic area and are also a place to pat wet shoes dry and prevent particles from interfering with the home interiors.

The carpets also define the entryway from the living room. You can use easy-to-main fabrics like jute and cotton carpets in these areas.

You can place a runner rug or carpet at least 10-15 inches from the room wall over the length of your entryway. You do not need to use other accessories besides the carpet if you have a narrow passageway.

2. Place It in the Living Room: You can boost the aesthetics of your living room with the help of a good carpet. It is one of the most common accessories to use in your home’s drawing or living space. Rugs provide the feel of luxury and comfort in the living room.

But the question is, where will you place the carpet in the living room? The placement of rugs in this space largely depends upon the furniture’s placement. You can also put the carpet so that it anchors seating options like sofas, armchairs, coffee tables or side tables.

3. Under your Dining Table: You can also place the rug under the dining table, which adds to the culinary experience. However, you need to ensure it covers a good amount of area. The experts suggest using at least a 24-inch perimeter of carpet around the dining space to get the maximum aesthetic appeal.

Apart from these areas, you can also use the carpet in your bedroom. The most popular spot is to place it under your bed, so you can have that cosy feeling on your feet in the morning.

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