A well-maintained carpet enhances the look and feel of your interior space. However, the carpet undergoes wear and tear over time. If this happens, you should adopt all the necessary measures. Carpet cleaning will remove the stains from the carpet, but it’s very difficult to clean carpets after regular intervals. Hire a professional offering cleaning service of carpets in Epsom if you run short of time. There are certain tips that you must follow to protect the carpet.

Carpet Maintenance: What Aspects Should You Consider?

A carpet serves more than its very basic function. Apart from acting as a soft walking surface, a carpet also contributes to your interior décor. Below are the tips you should remember to protect your carpet:

1. Don’t spill food on the carpet: Spilling food on the carpet isn’t desirable. The food items deteriorate the condition of your carpet over time. It also results in bad odour. Hence, it’s important for you to take quick action. The best option is to keep meals and snacks in the kitchen and away from your carpet.

2. Use doormats: Using doormats outside every door is a good idea. A doormat cuts back on the rain, mud, snow, and dirt. You don’t pass these elements into the home and onto the carpet. The doormats also encourage people to shake dirt off their shoes before entering the room.

3. Vacuum rigorously: Vacuuming your carpet will enhance its life span. With this approach, you can also retain the look and feel of your carpet. The carpets get rid of soil and dust during the vacuuming process. It also improves your indoor air quality by a significant margin.

4. Use rugs: Using rugs in high-traffic areas is an excellent strategy if you want to protect your carpets. You should select rugs that are tough. Rugs are affordable and can withstand wear and tear. Also, rugs are affordable and easier to clean than carpets.

5. Install curtains: A carpet will become faded if it’s exposed to sunlight for a prolonged period. The most exposed sections will turn dull and appear lighter than other sections of the carpet. If you install curtains or blinds, they will protect your carpet from the UV rays of the sun. The professionals providing maintenance service for carpets in Epsom can make you aware of the best-fitted curtains.

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