The flooring of a house is a vital decision as it improves the house’s aesthetics and practicality. The Materials of the floors are very important. Thus, choosing the right flooring option can be a daunting task. Floors must be colour coordinated, non-slippery, stain-resistant and durable. Thus, think, research and consult before you decide on a flooring option.

Timber flooring and carpet flooring options are the two most commonly demanded flooring solutions asked by customers in Surrey. Timber floors are shiny and rustic, while carpet floors are noise resistant, soft and good for children. You’ll find a wide range of carpet shops in Surrey offering carpet flooring options of different colours and textures.

However, if you’re confused, read on and know the pros and cons of these two flooring options.

1. Cost of The Floors
Cost is the most important determining factor for the selection of flooring options. The price difference between timber and carpet flooring is completely different. Timber flooring is expensive compared to carpet floors. Unlike carpets that you can install using DIY techniques, this is not a feasible option in timber floors. Implications of a poor installation process may cost you more. Hence, if you want a cost-effective option, then carpet floors are a good choice.

2. Aesthetic Appearance
Aesthetically both the options are attractive. Timber will offer a wooden look and will lend a luxurious finish to your rooms. You can use oak, pine or any other texture that is suitable for the floors. They are sleek and elegant and go well with any wall colour. With carpet, the look is completely different. You’ll get the option of choosing from a wide array of options. You can mix and match the colours of the carpet floors with that of the rooms. Hence, the choice depends on the personal preference of the person.

3. Cost of Maintenance
If you want a maintenance-free flooring option, then timber is certainly a winner in this case. They are uncomplicated and can be easily cleaned using water and soap. You don’t need to use any special cleaning liquid for this purpose. On the contrary, a carpeted floor needs special attention. Professional deep cleaning is suggested to keep the carpets in food working condition. Don’t use random soaps or other materials to clean the same.

4. Durability and Comfort
If you have kids and pets at home, then durability and comfort are two major factors you should keep in mind while selecting the flooring option. Carpet floors are safe options as they are soft and prevent babies from getting hurt. You may need to maintain a “no shoes” policy in your house for timber floors as there are possibilities of scratches from excessive shoe usage. Hence carpet floors are a good option.

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