Carpets are a valuable addition to any property. It can enhance the aesthetic value of the property instantly. You can seamlessly integrate the carpet with the colour, theme and mood of the property interiors. Depending on the individual requirements, you can choose from a wide range of carpets.

Add Some Style to Your Interiors:

To explore the different ranges of carpets for your home, you need to contact a prominent supplier of carpets in Surrey. They would be able to show you carpets of different styles that are distinctive from one another. You can select one depending on your property’s requirements.

Distinctive Styles of Carpets for Home:

If you want details on the most popular styles of carpets, you are in the right place. We discuss some aesthetic cuts and patterns of residential carpets in the following section.

1. Cut Pile Twist: These are made of longer, twisted yarns with a random kink. This causes the pile to lay in various directions. The light reflection of this carpet material is different from others. This helps the carpet offer a mottled appearance. Thanks to the textured finish of the carpet, you can notice fewer traces of shades and tracks compared to cut-pile plush carpets.

2. Loop Pile Carpets: This is a common style of carpet where the pile forms a distinctive loop. This style is achieved by threading through the carpet backing. It is also sewn back through to create a yarn with a loop. The unique style of these carpets makes them highly durable and wear-resistant, and they tend to show fewer footprints and track signs.

3. Cut Pile and Level Loop: This carpet style is also popularly termed sculptured pile carpets. It possesses a basic design of a cut pile carpet with areas of designed loop piles. It is manufactured with a combination of cut tufts and level loops. This produces a carpet with a sleek finish with a stylish finish. You can customise it with a colour of your choice.

4. Hard Twist: It is another popular residential carpet style that is also termed as frieze or curled pile. It is made on a cut pile carpet with a textured finish. This finish is produced through highly twisted tufts that slightly curl at the pile surface.

These are a few common residential carpet styles that you can note. To get such carpets from a trustworthy source, you can contact The Natural Flooring Company. We have been well known as a carpet shop in Surrey with more than two decades of business experience. For more information, you can visit our website.