Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is made up of two layers. The top layer is made of plastic, and the bottom layer is made of wood. Laminate flooring has many benefits such as being easy to install, being affordable, and being easy to maintain. This blog provides the reader with information regarding the benefits of laminate flooring.

1. Wear resistant and eco-friendly

Laminate flooring is almost immune to dents and scratches, unlike wood, which may dent. Laminate flooring resists fading in sunlight unlike other types of flooring like carpet, marble, or solid wood. The very durable melamine plastic wear layer gives laminate flooring its incredible endurance. This layer is applied to the laminate floor’s top surface, substantially enhancing its durability. The photographic layer behind the “wear layer” is also shielded. The wear layer is covered by a very substantial 10+ year warranty from Floor Depot.

The laminate flooring’s sturdy core-board, which can withstand up to 1,200 pounds of pressure per square inch, makes it a truly adaptable product. A laminate floor plank’s HDF core is constructed from either post-industrial wood waste or ecologically sound pine trees.

2. Functionality

Underlayment is often used in laminate flooring installations because it offers the surface a slightly springy feeling that makes it more comfortable to stand on for extended periods of time, like when manning a stove or sink.

3. Installation

One of the best things about laminate flooring is that it is a snap to install. You don’t need any special glues or adhesives, and the tongue-and-groove click system makes it easy to put together. It also doesn’t matter what your subfloor is made of. Laminate flooring can be laid on top of wood, plywood, concrete, tile, or vinyl flooring. Installation is quick and easy, making laminate one of the best flooring options on the market.

4. Cleaning and maintenance

Laminate flooring is resistant to scratches, water, and moisture. It is not necessary to wax or polish laminate floors because it has a hard surface with an attractive finish. The laminate floors should be cleaned with a damp mop or vacuum cleaner and then dried with a dry cloth.

Laminate flooring is advantageous for those who suffer from allergies because it is easy to maintain and does not collect dust like carpets. Due to its airtight locking mechanism and plastic surface, which act as a barrier against moisture, it is also an extremely hygienic device. As opposed to solid wood floors, it does not expand. Laminate flooring is easily replaced if moisture does enter or if surface or core-board damage results in a permanent condition.

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