Choosing the right colour for carpets is a daunting task for homeowners. There are numerous carpet shops all over Banstead offering a wide variety of floor coverings in different styles and designs. Two important factors which impact the appeal of a room are the carpet colour and the paint of the walls. You can follow the carpet colour trends with complete peace of mind as they don’t change continuously like trends for interior furnishings. Carpet colour trends change at a very slow pace. Floors occupy a major portion of every room. The carpet colour you choose will impact how you feel about a space.

Latest Carpet Colour Trends You Can Choose From

1. Stipple
Stipple is formed when two yarns of different colours blend to make beautiful carpet shades. This carpet colour trend is generally preferred by those confused between light and dark carpets. Stipple is quite versatile as it contains the appeal of both dark and light shades. You can explore your creative side when combining two different colours for the carpet.

2. Classic Neutral
Some homeowners still prefer classic neutral carpet colours as their appeal is intact even after all these years. Visit a reputable carpet shop in Banstead, and you can choose from a wide variety of neutral shades to complement the furniture in your room. Few of the common neutral shades are taupes, creams and mushrooms. They go well with other colour schemes. An easy way to add a pinch of colour to your room is with colourful cushions. Classic neutral shades have timeless appeal.

3. Grey
Grey coloured carpets are also quite popular as the shade reflects stability, sophistication and strength. Paint the walls in your room with grey shade, and you can render the space a calmer and composed look. You can enhance the versatility look of the carpets even further by choosing grey shades like charcoal. They will look really nice if you match them with white or bright statement walls. Neutral shades create an air of sophistication liked by almost every homeowner.

Since you can choose from so many carpet colour trends, it’s time you choose one and visit a reputable carpet shop like The Natural Flooring Company.