It is quite common for harmful moulds to grow below the carpets installed in your home or office. You will start seeing signs of moulds once water seeps into your home through a broken pipe. Keeping your property protected from harmful moulds is challenging as they just need some moisture and dark space to grow. Most water damages happen because of flooding caused by plumbing leaks. If you want to keep your carpets protected from harmful moulds or water damage, you have to follow some easy tips. Moulds are quite harmful and it is your responsibility to keep them away from your floor covering.

Follow The Tips Stated Below To Protect The Carpets Installed in Your Home

1. Quickly Remove Water
Though everyone tries to keep their floor covering protected from water, accidental water spillage is quite common. If you don’t want it to damage the carpet, remove the water without any delay. Most carpet suppliers advice homeowners to clean the liquid spill with a wet or dry vacuum. Not only do these machines help remove the water but also prevent residential flood damage. The demand for wet vacuums is generally higher as they are affordable.

2.Use A Room De-Humidifier
An easy way to get rid of excess moisture from your room is by using a de-humidifier. They are quite effective in making the air dry. Humid and cool air supports mould and mildew growth. You don’t have to worry that mould will damage your floor covering if the air is dry. Homeowners widely use the equipment to speed up the time required by damped ceilings to dry.

3. Pull Up The Carpet
Most people fail to identify water damage in the floor covering at the right time as they are often hidden below the rugs. You can identify the damaged area and take the necessary steps by pulling up the carpet. Use a putty knife to get rid of the baseboard. Make sure you run the fans at high speeds after pulling up the carpet to speed up the drying process.

If the condition of the carpets installed in your home deteriorates even after following the tips stated above, it’s time to buy new floor coverings in Banstead.