It isn’t easy to maintain a kitchen floor. They are subjected to wear, tear, spills and cracks. Moreover, the kitchen is the most visited place in the house. Hence constant footfall is unavoidable in the kitchen. Since the floor needs to sustain a lot of damage and hazards, every homeowner is required to opt for the floors, which require less maintenance and last for a longer period.

Not every flooring option is suitable for the kitchen area. You must choose the flooring in Banstead, which is durable and lasts longer compared to others. Apart from durability, make sure that you check a few more things like slip-resistance, comfort, water-resistance and balancing style of the floor.

Read on to know more about the flooring options available for the kitchen.

4 Types of Flooring Options For Kitchen Floors

1. Hardwood

As the name suggests, hardwood is a durable option for kitchen floors. Although it’s not scratch resistant, its naturally strong texture makes it an ideal choice. Moreover, homes with hardwood floors have good resale value. It feels soft underfoot and hence is a comfortable option to walk around.

2. Natural stone

This is the most popular option for durable countertops and kitchen floors. They are easy to clean, stain-proof and have water-resistant features. Depending on the budget and the colour of the kitchen walls, you can choose either granite, marble, sandstone or limestone for kitchen floors. If maintained and cleaned properly, these flooring options will last for ages.

3. Vinyl

Vinyl is an easy flooring option and the most versatile option for kitchen floors. It is resistant to stains and water damages. You can clean such floors easily with a wet mop. Moreover, this is a budgeted option. Nowadays, you also get the option of using tiles and planks for installation purposes. Hence, you’ll find vinyl installed in most of the kitchens.

4. Concrete
Like vinyl, concrete is a good option for kitchen floors as well. It is inexpensive, polished and stained. They are appropriately available in all flooring shops. Concrete floor spaces are the most feasible option for modern kitchens. However, use slippers during winters as the floor might feel cold underneath. If you’re trying to sell the house, then a concrete-floored kitchen can bring you good value.

The Natural Flooring Company is an expert in installing carpet, vinyl, and wood flooring for all house parts. If you’re looking for durable flooring options for your kitchen, approach us for the best available options.