Choosing the right type of flooring is easy when you know the necessary facts about each variety available to you. Real wood and laminate flooring are two very different coverings; one is made from real wood, and another just reflects a picture of wood over the surface. You may get confused regarding which one is better for your purpose. Here’s the guide to help you opt for the best flooring in Surrey.

Buying Guide To Choose Between Wood and Laminate Flooring

What is Real Wood Flooring?
Also known as Hardwood flooring, it is made from wood, as the name suggests. There are two main types of wooden flooring: Solid Wood Flooring and Engineered Hardwood Flooring. The former is made of solid pieces of wood, whereas the latter has a real wood top layer with a base of plywood. Their flooring looks based on the species of wood and the surface finishing you opt for. With different plank sizes and colour stains, you get countless options.

What is Laminate Flooring?
It is a synthetic floor covering made from several layers. The flooring surface is a high-resolution photograph laminated over the floor and covered using a protective transparent layer.

Difference Between Wood vs Laminate Flooring

Quality Wood
Both options are strong and high-quality and have wood at their core. That’s HDF for laminate, a plate of high-pressure compressed, recovered wood fibres finished with a printed design layer.

Daily Ease and Warmth
For both laminate and wooden flooring, its warmth and comfort are unparalleled but have different strong suits. Both of these options work well with underfloor heating if you are someone who loves to walk around barefoot but hates cold feet. But still, we recommend such people go for laminate ones as they are slightly more efficient.
If you live in an apartment and hate echoing sounds reverberating from your floor, they both are excellent options because of their sound absorption abilities.

Which one is ideal for a wet area?
If you are looking for flooring for a wet area, then laminate is the ideal choice because of its watertight grooves, which don’t let the water seep through. On the contrary, hardwood doesn’t go well with a lot of water despite its excellent looks.

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